A selection of live performances, an acclaimed short documentary, and a preview of Rita’s new theatrical production, Woman on a Ledge.

Theatrical Trailer

Woman on a Ledge

By Hershey Felder
Based on the writings of Rita Costanzi

Woman on a Ledge explores what it is to be a WOMAN, the sacrifices and choices she makes, and the devastating outcome – years later.


Moonlight in the Bronx

Written, directed, and performed by Rita Costanzi

“Rita Costanzi bears the mark of the true artist whose task it is to rise above the tumult of the times. A force of truth and love in herself and a musician of exceptional accomplishment, her playing never fails to touch the souls of listeners in deep and unexpected ways. This video vividly conveys the essence of her artistry. Her clearly articulated and heartfelt words align with the ever living spirit of Beethoven whose Moonlight Sonata was written even as deafness encroached. Visually and aurally arresting, this short film imparts an urgent message at once timely and timeless. It lifted my heart in the manner of a prayer as it will the hearts of all others fortunate enough to view it.”

– Treasa O’Driscoll (2020), author, Celtic Woman, a memoir of life’s poetic journey

Andante from Violin Sonata No. 2

By J.S. Bach, transcribed by Marcel Grandjany
Video by D. Carlton Bright

Vers La Source Dans le Bois

By Marcel Tournier
Video by D. Carlton Bright

Irish Lullaby

By Ken Sullivan


Serenade for
Violoncello and Harp

By Michael Kurek
Ovidiu Marinescu, cello; Rita Costanzi, harp

Performance of American composer Michael Kurek’s Serenade for Violoncello and Harp from the Navona Records release THE SEA KNOWS.